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Hosting & Cloud Services

Cloud hosting is the ability for a site to be stored on various servers. It will help you ensure the right resources are pulled from various places, enabling the ability to be a scalable, reliable and flexible option for hosting. This ensures your site traffic experiences are stable from dips or hikes. Choosing us as a web hosting provider will enable you to ensure your infrastructure is scalable and cost-effective based on the resources you want to use, speed and performance that prioritizes uptime and loading speeds, and security that is not reliant on an internal server locally. We as providers will help you present an infrastructure and services that look at

Server Management

Server management tools are essential to ensuring the health and performance of your site's servers are monitored and optimized regularly for optimal site performance. So you can get optimal store traffic and conversions.

Cloud Optimization

Cloud optimization will ensure the right resources are assigned accordingly, essentially decluttering and removing wasted resources and spending on the right specific cloud features for the right intention.

Data Backup

Data backup is the essential need of copying all your necessary information regarding all the necessary data of your business, avoiding the issues of losing data that may lead to disruptions in your business operations.

Auto Healing

Auto Healing ensures the minimum of the least amount of unnecessary downtimes and the right corrective action is taken. It will help save costs and ensure optimum quality is perceived.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring from our end will ensure your business and its services are running as they should be. Enabling you to be less worried if minor instances arise is taken care of by our team, ensuring your site continues generating traffic, conversions, and long-term customers.

E-Commerce Maintenance

We oversee E-Commerce Maintenance and make sure your sites are maintained according to your needs, such as adding or removing products, updating product descriptions, page layout updates, traffic analysis, and reporting with so much more…. At Mean3, the ability to understand the size of your business and its needs is our priority to understand your requirements that are reliable, cost-effective, and overall scalable. So contact us for further information on your cloud infrastructure consultation and the price. Do you wish to have a more reliable and fast website, get in touch today!

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